Premium RGB scart cable PC Engine - NEC
  • Premium RGB scart cable PC Engine - NEC
  • Premium RGB scart cable PC Engine - NEC

Premium RGB scart cable PC Engine - NEC

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Premium quality RGB scart cable made by Otaku's Store

Shop on vacation until July 30, 2024 (Orders in progress will be processed before our return)

Your console must be modified to RGB, with the pinout in photo 2. This is the cable that we sell with our NEC RGB kit or our modified consoles


- The cable is compatible with the PC Engine consoles (PCE, Core Grafx, Duo, Duo-r, Super Grafx...) previously modified with RGB amp board
- The plug on the console side is in standard DIN 8
- Cable length is 1.7M
- The Cable has excellent quality shielding (braided)
- Cable design is durable
- An anti-pull grommet is installed on the scart connector side (and connector side on some cables)
- All scart ground pins are wired
- The sound is in stereo
- The components used are quality and branded items, Panasonic, Nichicon, Samsung, Rubycon, Lelon...
- An identification label is present on the scart plug
- Our cables are assembled in France
- Product guaranteed for 2 years

Compatible with
- TVs equipped with a Euro scart input
- Scart to VGA/HDMI/YUV converters
- Framemeister XRGB type RGB converters (with adapter for EURO scart)
- The OSSCs (the configuration of this interface is sometimes a bit complex)

Note: A good quality RGB cable associated with a good quality CRT TV / pro monitor is currently the best option for enjoying the video rendering of retro consoles

In a few words, synchro? the RGB? The resolution ? What is it ? => See this page

Forced 4/3: Mainly useful with CRT TVs with differentiated  display 16/9 - 4/3. Without this option, the TV may display an image in 16:9 by default, the image will then be flattened (need to be manually forced with the remote control in 4:3 each time). 95% of rgb cables on the market do not have this option. This option is useless if your TV does not make a 16/9th – 4/3 differentiation (which is very likely) or if you are using our BNC BOX
Extra length: Cable with a length of 2.5M instead of 1.7M (made on request only, with additional delay)