Premium RGB scart cable for Sony HB-F1 II, XD mk II, XDV, XDJ MSX2
  • Premium RGB scart cable for Sony HB-F1 II, XD mk II, XDV, XDJ MSX2
  • Premium RGB scart cable for Sony HB-F1 II, XD mk II, XDV, XDJ MSX2

Premium RGB scart cable for Sony HB-F1 II, XD mk II, XDV, XDJ MSX2

Synchro type: CSYNC
  • CVBS
Forced 4/3: Non merci
  • Non merci
  • Oui
Extra length: Non merci
  • Oui
  • Non merci

Premium quality RGB scart cable made by Otaku's Store

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- The cable is compatible with the Sony HB-F1 II, XD mk II, XDV, XDJ MSX 2
- Cable length is 1.7M
- The Cable has excellent quality shielding (braided)
- Cable design is durable
- An anti-pull grommet is installed on the scart connector side (and connector side on some cables)
- All scart ground pins are wired
- The sound is in mono
- The components used are quality and branded items, Panasonic, Nichicon, Samsung, Rubycon, Lelon...
- An identification label is present on the scart plug
- In Csync, a 470 Ohm resistor is installed at the output (to ensure better compatibility with conventional CRT TVs)
- Our cables are assembled in France
- Product guaranteed for 2 years

Compatible with
- TVs equipped with a Euro scart input
- Scart to VGA/HDMI/YUV converters
- Framemeister XRGB type RGB converters (with adapter for EURO scart)
- The OSSCs (the configuration of this interface is sometimes a bit complex)

Note: A good quality RGB cable associated with a good quality CRT TV / pro monitor is currently the best option for enjoying the video rendering of retro consoles

In a few words, synchro? the RGB? The resolution ? What is it ? => See this page

The type of synchro
CSYNC (pure synchro): improves the sharpness of the image on a CRT screen, reduces the effect of vertical bars, limits the ghosting effect on a flat screen (ghost outline), limits color saturation. The Csync is useless if you use our BNC box or a multi-scart equipped with a “synchro cleaner”
CVBS (it's the composite video signal that is used as synchro). Recommended if you use a BNC box, or a multi-scart equipped with a synchro cleaner or if your TV is incompatible with Csync, which is quite rare but possible
Forced 4/3: Mainly useful with CRT TVs with differentiated  display 16/9 - 4/3. Without this option, the TV may display an image in 16:9 by default, the image will then be flattened (need to be manually forced with the remote control in 4:3 each time). 95% of rgb cables on the market do not have this option. This option is useless if your TV does not make a 16/9th – 4/3 differentiation (which is very likely) or if you are using our BNC BOX
Extra length: Cable with a length of 2.5M instead of 1.7M (made on request only, with additional delay)