Power Supply for Neo Geo AES - PSU AC Adapter
  • Power Supply for Neo Geo AES - PSU AC Adapter

Power Supply for Neo Geo AES - PSU AC Adapter

For: POW 3, POW-E
  • POW 3, POW-E
  • POW-2, POW-UL, POW
Version: Normal
  • Normal
  • MAX
High quality power supply prepared by Otaku's Store

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Features :
- Power supply compatible with Neo Geo AES Euro, Usa, and Japanese console
- There are two different types of Neo Geo AES power supply, to identify your version, refer to the label under your console:
                             [POW 3, POW-E] => 10-11VDC, 1A
                             [POW-2, POW-UL, POW ] => 5VDC, 3A
- We offer a MAX version for these power supplies, which are more powerful and intended for more energy-intensive use. Example: with a MVS phantom adapter, a darksoft card, a X in 1 cartridge, or a SD loader
- The electrical characteristics of the power supply and its tip are adapted to the console
- Electrical Specifications :
                               Normal version: 11V, 2A or 5V, 3A
                               Max version: 11V, 3A or 5V, 4A
- Quality power supply, it does not create artefacts / parasites on the screen unlike many power supplies sold at low prices
- EURO-type compatible 110-230VAC
- Wire length: 1.5M
- A label is present on the power supply with the electrical characteristics and the name of the console
- New product prepared in France
- Product guaranteed for 2 years

Note: the model shown in the illustration may vary in appearance (not the quality of the product)